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How it works

Alphakid Sports is looking forward to partner with preschools and kindergartens in the Bay Area. All lessons will be carried out in the territories of the schools in order to keep a non-intimidating and fun atmosphere.

30-60 min lesson that focuses on agility, coordination, and skill development.


Who Will Benefit and Why

The students
  • Learn in a fun and non-intimidating environment among their friends

  • Acquire sport specific knowledge and learn proper technique

  • Work on communication and teamwork skills 

  • Exercise and ward off obesity 

  • Build self-Esteem and confidence 

  • Increase discipline and motivation

The students
Parents and Daughter
The parents
  • Enjoy convenience

  • Introduce their children to a sport during school hours

  • Get the same instruction for their children that is offered in sport clubs but in own school 

  • Save time driving to sport centers and clubs for after school activities 

  • Save on club membership fees

  • No need to invest in equipment 

The parents
Image by MChe Lee
The schools
  • Provide a diverse experience to their students 

  • Focus on wellbeing of their students 

  • Motivate students to learn new skills

  • Help choose a sport to play when a student grows up 

The schools
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